DNA proves that your dog is 99.8% Wolf

About K9 Natural

When it comes to food, K9 Natural is a dog's best friend! Based on the diet of the North American Grey Wolf, K9 Natural meets a dog's true nutritional needs in the most natural way possible, hence our saying "Feed your dog's inner wolf with nature's complete recipe".

K9 Natural has been created to be as close as possible to the diet of the wild wolf. DNA research has shown that the DNA of the domestic dog is at most only 0.2% removed from that of the Grey Wolf. In contrast, the DNA of the Coyote (the wolf's closest wild relative) is a whole 4% different.

Typically many commercially-made dog foods are cooked, or contain large amounts of fillers such as grains, cereals, rice and potatoes. In our opinion, these things go against nature. Why?

Firstly, cooking is unnecessary and undesirable because too much heat destroys and / or dramatically alters the nutrient levels in food including vitamins, minerals, protein and many other beneficial attributes of food.

Secondly, canines are carnivores and are not designed to digest cereals and grains (believed to be the leading cause of allergies in dogs). When you understand these basic principles of nature and canine physiology, raw feeding with species-appropriate ingredients makes a lot of sense and when put into practice it can deliver great benefits for your pet.

It's precisely for the reasons mentioned above that K9 Natural is entirely raw and entirely free of grains and cereals. It achieves the correct nutritional balance for dogs, without supplements or anything artificial, by combining the right fresh, natural ingredients in just the right quantities – a process which took 15 years to perfect because we weren't prepared to take short cuts or compromise on quality.

You'll be pleased to know that you don't need a science degree to make sense of the ingredients in K9 Natural because each will be familiar to you: meat, blood, ground bone, seasonal fruits and vegetables, heart, liver, kidney, green tripe, eggs, garlic and cod liver oil. All of these ingredients are of a quality deemed fit for human consumption, and all except the cod liver oil (from Norway) come from New Zealand farms and growers.

K9 Natural freeze dried requires no refrigeration, making it perfect for those occasions when you and your dog are on the move. Simply add a little warm water (no warmer than 37°C), and you have a nutritious, easy-to-serve raw meal for your canine companion. Please remember that by adding the moisture back into K9 Natural freeze dried you reduce the nutrient levels back to what nature would provide, for example the fat content of the lamb reduces from its freeze dried state of around 48% to its normal range of around 14%, the same amount found in your leg of lamb before you cook it.

K9 Natural is an easy, convenient and affordable way to provide your dog with a nutritionally balanced, raw food diet. When you feed K9 Natural, you can be sure your dog is getting everything nature knows it needs!